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Chairman's Message
Mr. Navin Gobind Ajwani

Civil engineering and infrastructure industry has made tremendous contribution to the growth and development of our country so far.. Even then, a lot more remains to be planned and achieved. Further inputs are imperative, especially in the key areas of quality standards and timely completion of all kinds of projects, including the megasize operations. What is called for to achieve such lofty results is an integrated approach on the part of the principal statutory authorities, both at the central and the state levels, and the contractors to derive satisfactory results in the larger interest of the country. As can be perceived through experience in handling infrastructure projects, whether these are undertaken solo or in the shape of consortia, or whether the projects are undertaken by way of public-private-participation, or even such projects as are of the nature of build-operate-transfer or their variants, there still remains a lack of one-window clearance, co-ordinated governance ideology and will-power on the part of the statutory authority. This requires to be remedied. Let the business houses, the governmental authorities, the technical and commercial agencies, all of them, pool their resources and work together with an endeavour to simplify, improve and excel in moulding the Nation's future so as to rank as one of the topmost infrastructure facilitators at the global level.